Personal Training

1to1 Run/Fitness Coaching

What do we offer?

Personal run and fitness training for anyone of any ability.

1 to 1 sessions tailored to suit you and your fitness goals.

Think personal training, but outside in the fresh air!

Group social run each Sunday.

How much does it cost?

£25 per session

Individual run sessions with Ainsley.

Plans for the time in between sessions.

Unlimited contact with us if you need any help or advice.

Personal run training

Initial consultation – free of charge and no obligation

What's included...

  • Personalised run sessions accompanied by run leader Ainsley
  • Run HIIT session every Wednesday - normally £3
  • Sunday social runs - none members are also welcome to this session
  • Advice on what to do in between sessions
  • Unlimited contact with us by phone, email or messaging
  • Take advantage of our Strava community group - monitor your progress, share your runs and encourage each other

The run sessions will be tailored entirely to suit you, so will be of appropriate distance, difficulty and speed. The very first session will be used to establish your current fitness level and ability.

We will plan the routes from your home, or another local location if you prefer, so you don’t need to think about it. We often use Orrell Water Park as a starting point for the group sessions since there are plenty of well maintained, off-road paths to explore. If you want to go in a different direction, or prefer to stay on-road, that’s fine too. As you progress we will start to venture further afield. 

Each adventure will last approximately 60 minutes, but please allow 90 minutes just in case. It is important that you don’t feel rushed.

After each session we will discuss how you found it and agree a strategy for next time we meet, as well as the time in between.

Each run session will be structured as follows:

  • Warm up - dynamic movements to prepare you for running and to prevent injury
  • Run / Jog / Walk - various session plans used to keep things interesting
  • Cool down - stretches to aid recovery
  • Review - a chat about how it all went

Keeping you on your toes!

As well as straight forward running, jogging and walking, we like to mix things up to keep it interesting and challenging.  If you’re up for it, we can incorporate some running drills and skills eg. intervals, hill reps, short sprints and circuit training.

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